To be a leading process equipment manufacturer for oil, gas, petrochemical, minerals, power, environmental, renewable energy and food sectors, committed to total customer satisfaction and enchanting stakeholders values.


FBM-KNM strives to be a professionally-managed unit committed to consistently exceed the needs and exceptions of our customers by continuously providing verified “fit-for-purpose”, high-quality services, complying fully & on-time delivery meeting client-specific requirements, international codes & standards & other applicable requirements related to health, safety, and environmental using state-of-art technology.
FBM-KNM shall foster a culture of mutual trust, respect, continuous learning, innovation, challenge and employee empowerment to provide a growth-oriented workplace at the same time remain flexible and agile contivally adapting to changing business environment.


F – Fair(free from favoritism, bias or deception)

B – Balanced(work equally divided, so it can be in better control)

M – Motivated(Psychological feature instigating actions toward a desired goal)

K – Knowledge(the result of perception, learning and reasoning)

N – Neat(Clean & Organized)

M – Mastery(Skilled in process equipment manufacturing)